Friday, May 1, 2015

Night of the Living Red

Greetings all you beautiful people!

     First off, allow me to apologize for being 27 hours late with this post. I don't have any other reason for the delay than, I'm tired.

     I must say, the worst part of PCOS (aside from cramps) is being tired. Some days are harder than others, but every day I push through are victories! There have been days in the past that I've chose to cancel plans, to call in, or just stay in bed all day. On those days, I am so disgusted with myself and as odd as it sounds, I'm glad I feel that way. The fun part of being me is I alternate between perfection and procrastination. If I can do something, it will be done perfectly, to the finest detail. If I do not feel I can do something, I will put it off as long as possible until I find away to do it that suites me. The fact that I'm disgusted by not being productive and not pushing myself means I'm growing. Which brings me to my next topic...
     I am not a "runner." The photo of me above was taken almost a year ago and it perfectly sums up my running experience. I would constantly goof off and try to make whoever I was running with laugh so I could get out of it (have you ever tried to laugh while running? It's impossible!) My hopes are that now that I am seeing this growth in myself, that I'm actually getting tired of my own shenanigans, that I can go at this again and take it seriously this time. I know I won't start out running, I'll walk, sprint, jog, but it is important for me to have this goal. All you happy people on the internet can hold me accountable, by my month of August post I want to be able to share with you how it felt to run a mile.

     My post is a bit short this month, but check back May 30th for more updates on my journey of winning back my health and body!

Stay fabulous!

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  1. Go for it. Stretch well and cool down after runs. Take care and do not give up. You can do it. look forward to updates